Stanstead taxis

Strictly Stansted Airport Transfers
0759 204 0794 / 0787 607 6179

To/from Newmarket-Red Lodge-Mildenhall-Soham Areas

Stanstead taxis

Stansted Airport taxis - Large

Stansted Airport Transfers Taxi Service

Newmarket area from £48.00 per  car (up to 4 passengers)
includes Kennett and Kentford 

Red Lodge area from    £50.00    per car (up to 4 passengers)

Mildenhall area from  £56.00   per car (up to 4 passengers)
includes Barton Mills and Tuddenham

Soham area from  £55.00   per car (up to 4 passengers)

prices are subject to drop off and pick up fees charged by the Airport,  currently £3.50 per car

24hr taxi service when pre-booked
Lady driver available upon request

credit cards accepted - Odd Credit cards accepted when pre-booked.

Telephone 0759 2040 794 to book